Coal vs Log Fireplace Inserts: Which Works Better?

Log fireplace inserts

are still the preferred choice for most homeowners despite the improvements made to coal inserts. The information below will further explain why log inserts are more preferable for homeowners.

Coal Inserts

You can now buy anthracite coal in several different sizes, (rice, pea, chestnut, and stove sizes). Anthracite coal is a hard, low-moisture coal that is extremely efficient to burn. It does not make as much smoke as coal stoves in the past did which makes burning them indoors very convenient.

Log Inserts

On the other hand, log inserts provide the ambiance of a traditional wood fire. Additionally,  log fire insert can provide a great deal of heat to a home, while coal is more efficient for simple heating. Log inserts are many times more efficient than standard fireplaces and provide a traditional flame that homeowners are looking to create.

Which Works Better?

While the cost of coal is not unreasonable in comparison to many other fuels, often the cost of wood is little or nothing. With a chainsaw and a willingness to exercise a bit, you can offer to cut your neighbor's unwanted tree or gather tree debris after a storm clears. By gathering wood in this manner, the cost of the fuel for log fireplace inserts can be virtually zero.

Overall, the log inserts will work better for you if you seek a traditional flame without the cost while coal inserts may be better if you would like simple heating and can afford the coal.