Coating Materials to Stop Rust Buildup

Coating materials are used to stop rust buildup in your residence. The best kind of coating materials are NO-OX-ID rust preventatives are grand barrier coatings that help rust and other corrosive materials from harming the steel surfaces of the filtration plants of water, interiors of water tanks, sewage plants, systems for water distributions and power plants. This coating material product is NSF approved for usage for anti condensation barrier coating within water tanks and as a for lubricant for rust prevention.

You will be pleased to know that NO-OX-ID need absolutely minimal surface preparation. This is the best solution for your problems. This is a special Cosmo-line type rust preventative which is used against condensation coating on the steel and in acid pickling areas along with brine tanks and within water tanks. Steel cables, bridges and cofferdams are also protected with the help of this coating material. It is basically a heavy duty preventive for coatings when it is needed.


The preventatives are made with a strong blend of waxes, metal wetting agents along with corrosion rust inhibitors that penetrate into the pores of the metal by stopping under-film corrosion. You will never complain about taste or odor that is imparted its supply. When it is applied on water storage tanks, it is recommended that a coating of the thickness of 20 to 30 millimeters should be used. You will be amazed to know that NO-OX-ID remains effective for at least 3 to 5 years.


The coating material has its own features like blocking corrosion, maintaining flexibility, lubricating, self healing, non cracking, anti-seizing, seals surfaces tightly, multi-functioning, moisture absorption at the least level, chemical stability, resistance to chemical action and stops biological attack of corrosion in the structure. It is done by hand or power driven brushes to remove rust. You can apply it on the surface with the help of a stiff bristle brush, roller with a nap, applied hot airless spray equipment.

Optimum Surfaces to Apply on

You can use this on ash conveyors, bar screens, bearings, bolts, flanges, gears, hydrant gaskets, paddles, pipes, pulleys, pumps, radial gates, screens, standpipes, storage tanks, tank roofs, strainers, interiors, submersible pumps, valves, tank bottoms, batteries and other electrical appliances. You can also use them on baffles, cable, metal parts of clarifiers, chains, clamps, packing glands, concrete, reservoirs, metal parts of flocculates, concrete pipe, corrosion of stems, concrete walls, cranes, condenser cooling coils, derricks and fittings.

Protection from Biological Corrosion

You can save your material from the marine coating to stop biological attacks of zebra mussels, sea urchins on metal, algae, fungus and other water bodies. NO-OX-ID’s non-drying flexible helps to discourage the anchoring of such corrosive material on your surfaces. You will be pleased to know it is offered at an easily affordable price for the sake of consumer’s convenience. You can find it at home depots near by. Make sure that you receive the genuine coating material. This is will help you keep the corrosive factors away from your structures.