Cobblestone Flooring Maintenance and Care

Cobblestone flooring is very durable, and can withstand any treatment, so it is very easy to care for. Whatever cleaning or maintenance strategy you prefer to use, cobblestone can withstand it.

Cleaning the Cobblestone

The suggested method of cleaning cobblestone is using a pressure washer, because it removes any dirt or grime that can be nestled in the pours of the stone. Many people clean their cobblestone with a stiff bristled brush that is soaked in bleach water because it helps bring out the colors in the stone, and it sanitizes the surface for children to play on.

Maintaining Cobblestone

Maintaining cobblestone is an attentive, but simple task. Cobblestone is a material that is said to last forever, so the only problem that owners usually have, is with shifting of foundation. Shifting cobblestone can be fixed the same way it was installed, by reinforcing the stones with Mason sand. Take a handful of sand, and pour it into the cracks between the cobblestone. Continue to place sand between the stones, until the cracks are full, and water the entire surface. The sand should have sunk a little while watering. Repeat placing sand in the cracks, and watering until the sand no longer sinks.