Cobblestone House: Pros and Cons

house with stone siding

If you are thinking of building a cobblestone house from scratch, congratulations! You are participating in some true United States heritage. Settlers, especially in the area of New York, used to collect and build houses from the smooth round cobblestones they would find.

Pros to Building with Cobblestone

One of the major pros to building with cobblestones is that your structure should be sturdy enough to last for generations. Also, if you find the cobblestones and rubble stones for the walls yourself as well as mix your own limestone mortar, your cost of materials for building the house will be very low. Finally, you will be participating in and keeping an American tradition alive and building a home you can be proud of.

Cons to Building with Cobblestone

First and foremost, building with cobblestones is very labor intensive. It will probably take you a couple of years to collect the 15,000 to 45,000 cobblestones you will need to build your home depending on the size that you want. You will have to find family and friends who are willing to help you by sorting the thousands of stones into groups by size, shape and color. After all of this work is done, it will be time to start building. However, if you have the time and workforce it may be worth it.