Cockroach Control Basics

Cockroach climbing up a blue wall

Cockroaches are defiant pests that are resistant to many conventional methods of critter control. Chemical sprays and poison may provide temporary relief, but these resilient creatures somehow find a way back into our homes. Moreover, many of these conventional methods of cockroach containment are toxic to the members of the household. Listed below are some long-lasting cockroach control and prevention tips.

Step 1 - Terminate Existing Cockroaches

Unfortunately, you can only kill all the cockroaches in your home with the help of chemicals. Boric powder is highly recommended for this purpose. Apply the boric powder along corners and shelves frequented by the pests. Never leave any chemical in open view where it can be accessed by young children or pets. Soon you should start seeing dead cockroaches, which you must remove promptly. You can also use poisoned food as bait for the cockroaches. Bait is also an effective method for cockroach extermination.

Step 2 - Prevent Cockroach Entry

hand holding a bundle of steel wool

Cockroaches will use any small crevice or gap to gain entry to your home. You must undertake a thorough inspection of every nook and corner of your home to ensure that it is sealed shut.

  1. Caulk all openings near doors, windows, cupboards, shelves, baseboards, pipes and sinks.
  2. You can also use steel wool or copper mesh to plug holes and prevent entry to your home.
  3. Make sure all your doors and windows shut properly and are air-tight. Use weather stripping if necessary.
  4. Close any large openings with cement or plaster. This will provide a permanent, strong barrier.
  5. Cover vents with screens so that pests are blocked without affecting ventilation.
  6. Keep your home clean and use naphthalene balls in closets.

Step 3 - Prevent Cockroach Infestation

Sink full of dirty dishes

It is best to prevent cockroach infestation. If you provide cockroaches any entry point to your home, or a suitable environment, they will be back. Preventing cockroach infestation can be done quite effectively, and with relative ease.

  1. Keep all food items away from the reach of cockroaches. Always keep food in airtight containers or in the refrigerator.
  2. Keep garbage closely shut at all times. If you have food containers to be recycled, wash them thoroughly and dry them before leaving them outside for disposal.
  3. Cockroaches prefer dark, moist environments. Make sure all your cabinets and shelves are clean and dry at all times.
  4. Keep your home clean and free of clutter. Cockroaches will use any small crevice or hiding place to make a home.
  5. After cooking or eating a meal, promptly clean the cooking area and the dining room. Make sure there are no tidbits or scraps on the floor.
  6. Avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight. This is another irresistible temptation for cockroaches.
  7. Avoid using garbage bags or bins that do not belong to you. They may contain pests and rodents that will make home in your living space.
  8. Never keep garbage in your home for longer than is necessary. Until pickup day, keep garbage bags in the garage, if possible.
  9. If you have pests, make their food inaccessible to cockroaches. Place pet food in a large utensil containing a detergent solution. This method will also work as a bait to drown cockroaches.