Cocktail Recipes that Will Surely Wow Your Holiday Guests

If you have got guests at home for this holiday season, the best way to make them go gaga over your welcoming skills is to whip up great cocktail recipes that they will not easily forget. Cocktails are a classic way of enjoying the rare holiday in today’s times. Below, you shall find a few recipes that are unique and very easy to shake up at home in a jiffy.

Pina Colada

Almost a brand in itself, the Puerto Rican favorite is a cocktail that appeals to all and makes you ask for more. A superb connotation of dark and white rum, this drink has a creamy feel to it as well, owing to ample doses of coconut milk along with fresh cream. The dark rum and white rum must be used in a 3 : 2 ratio. This ratio goes for the milk and cream too. With a dash of pineapple syrup and a hint of angostura bitters for topping, all the ingredients are blended to create a smooth heavenly taste that transports you to some distant beach. The fresh cherries and pineapple slices are great looking garnishing agents and enhance the beauty plus taste of the Colada in the hurricane glass. The Pina Colada is one drink that your cousin and your uncle shall both ask for.

Honey Toddy

If you want to warm up in the cold, there’s nothing better than this drink that leaves a cozy feel within your body for a pretty long while. All you need to do is take equal parts honey, amber liquor and lemon juice and shake them up. Add 1.5 oz brandy to this mix, if the other three ingredients are 1 oz in quantity. Pour it in a tall cocktail glass and garnish with clove buds and cinnamon sticks. Sip slowly so that the flavours set in and you are left rejuvenated all over again.

Bahama Mama

If you are dying for that long break to the tropics, but are stuck up elsewhere, this might just be the perfect cocktail for you. 1/2 oz coffee liqueur mixed with 1 oz coconut liqueur, darkened by 1 oz dark rum and ½ oz high proof rum, sounds delicious. Further shaken up with 8 oz pineapple juice and a dash of fresh lemon juice, Bahama Mama equates with nothing short of relaxing. Bed up a Collin’s glass with crushed ice and pour this wonder in. Top up with fresh cherries and say cheers to life.

Litchi Martini

Move over from the classic martini that Bond endorses to something more exotic. The litchi martini is quite a rage this holiday season. Blend 6 oz vodka with 4 oz fresh litchi juice together with crushed ice in a cocktail shaker. Wait till it gets completely chilled and pour into martini pegs. Do not miss out on adding a dash of vermouth. Use litchi slices that have been cut along with the peels as garnish. Your litchi martini is all ready. Thus sip away to nostalgia and times gone by.