Coffee Tables That Pull Double Duty

With the demand for multifunctional pieces in today’s small living spaces, a coffee table is no longer just a coffee table. While traditionally, a coffee table is used to set drinks upon, and perhaps a couple of interesting conversation pieces, many coffee tables today serve a second function. Here are some examples of coffee tables that pull double duty.

Coffee Table/ Ottoman:

The size of your living room or seating area should determine how large a coffee table you need in the space. If you are living alone in a studio apartment, a small coffee table about the size of an ottoman is usually sufficient. Coffee table ottomans that have flip tops are excellent for this purpose. The ottoman may be upholstered in leather, microfiber, vinyl, or other comfortable and cleanable material so you can put your feet up. Turn the top over and you have a hard and even surface for setting down a drink.

Storage Trunk Coffee Tables:

A handsome trunk that has a worn, vintage look is perfect for adding some character to your living room. Place a simple lacquer tray on top and it can function as a unique coffee table that works especially well in rooms decorated in an old world or traditional style. It pulls double duty as storage space for extra blankets, magazines, media items, and so on. Similarly, contemporary coffee tables are increasingly being designed with hidden compartments for storing items away – a practical and stylish furniture piece.

Coffee/Dining Table:

Ozzio Design offers a few models of modern-looking and very functional coffee tables that can be smoothly converted into dining tables. Some can be adjusted to just the right height for working on your laptop, all while sitting comfortably on the sofa. The table top raises and expands by unfolding the table leaves on either side. Stylish in glossy white or black lacquer, these coffee tables enable you to relax, work, and dine all in the same living space. Dwell also has a convertible coffee table that transforms in a similar way to a dining table with a sleek wooden top and metal legs.

Coffee Table Display Case:

Coffee tables that double as display cases serve a decorative function and a place to show off your treasures and favorite mementos. An example is the Uphaus coffee table that has a glass top panel and steel drawer that pulls out for a quick change of the items displayed. Some coffee table display cases are designed with a hinged glass lid that can be lifted to access the display below. For an ultimate display, consider an aquarium coffee table that has an illuminated glass tank as its base.

Coffee/End Tables:

A coffee table that can be pulled apart to function as smaller individual side tables is useful when you have guests mingling in different areas of the room. When the pieces are joined together in front of the sofa as a coffee table, it frees up walking space and makes the room neater. Bontempi Casa makes a small, white leather end table that can used on its own or in a pair to create a larger surface area, depending on your needs.

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