Coffeemaker Clicking Noise: an Explanation

a coffeemaker on the counter with cups nearby
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What You'll Need
Distilled water
What You'll Need
Distilled water

Coffeemakers have made the job of making coffee simple and easy. However, many people complain about their coffeemakers making noises. These noises could be due to different reasons. Coffeemaker noises can make the work really slow and annoying. Here are some common reasons for the improper working of coffee makers.


You may have often seen your coffee maker dripping slowly and making muzzy noises. This could be because of the accumulation of dirt and minerals in the water or coffee grounds. This clogging can lead to inefficient working and easy breakdown. You have to clean it properly to remove the dust and dirt.

Dirt Stuck on Passages

Coffeemakers make a lot of noise leading to the slower filling of the cup, especially those that are air pressurized. This is because of the dirt stuck on the passages of the coffeemaker. You should use bottled drinking water to avoid these problems. Bottled drinking water is expensive, but it can increase the shelf life of your coffeemaker. It would also save you from the noise and cleaning.

Loose Parts

The most common cause of noises in the coffeemaker is loose parts. Rough usage of coffeemakers can loosen up some parts, causing them to be inefficient. Even one loose part of your coffeemaker can cause annoying noises and improper working. Check all the parts of the coffeemaker, as you may have to replace them in case of a severe problem.

Tubes Clogged with Calcium

Another reason for the clicking noises of the coffeemakers in the tubes being clogged with calcium. This is common in the case of the aluminum tube. The noises can just be the beginning of other related problems if not treated soon. Put vinegar through the machine once.

One-Way Valve

The one-way valve is a very important part of the coffeemaker. It is usually in the hole in the bucket or the aluminum pipe. This valve takes in the cold water into the aluminum tube and forces the bubbles of boiling water to flow out from the white tube. Often, this valve can get clogged due to debris and dirt, leading to noises. You can clear the debris inside the valve with a toothpick.

Failure of the Heating Coil

The failure of the heating coil of the coffeemaker can also result in noises and inefficient working. In such a case, it is ideal to replace the coffeemaker.

Low Water Level in the Tank

Some coffeemakers start making noise while refilling the reservoir. Coffeemakers can make noise if the water content is low in the tank. This problem can occur if the coffeemaker is kept on for a longer time without being used. It can also be due to small holes caused in the heating element.

These are the main reasons behind a noisy coffeemaker. Treating them properly will prevent such problems, resulting in an efficient and noiseless coffeemaker.