Coil a Bandsaw Blade in 4 Steps

When you buy a bandsaw blade it is already coiled in a cardboard box. Removing the blade an uncoiling it to install in your bandsaw is fairly easy to do. The trick to storing a bandsaw blade that is not in use is to coil it back up.

Since a bandsaw blade is an endless loop, it is not as simple as coiling an extension cord or garden hose. It is like a sharp puzzle. However, with a few simple steps, and a pair of gloves, it can be done fairly easily.

Step One
Hold the bandsaw blade out in front of you and grab the blade with both hands on the upper portion of each side. Your hands should be facing outwards with thumbs pointing up.

Step Two

Step on the bottom of the blade and twist your hands inwards. This will cause your elbows to flare out and the upper portion of the bandsaw blade to bow inwards towards you.

Step Three

Lower your hands towards the foot that is on the bottom of the blade. The portion just below your hands will cross in the middle, as the top of the blade continues to curve inwards.

Step Four

Touch the blade to your foot and then step off the blade. The bandsaw blade will now expand among the other sections and will now be coiled in thirds as it was in the original box.