Coil Nail Gun vs Framing Nail Gun

Nail gun and nails
  • 1 hours
  • Beginner
  • 50-400

A coil nail gun and framing nail gun are different tools despite their similarities. Both tools can use nails and air compression to propel them, but they are designed somewhat differently. It is in these design differences which make a coil nail gun and framing nail gun both great in their respective areas of use. The following article will reveal these subtle differences and compare the two nail guns.

1. Loading the Nail Gun

One of the primary differences between the coil nail gun and framing nail gun is how they are loaded. A framing nail gun uses a nail clip much like a regular .45 handgun. The coil nail gun uses a drum to hold its nails. The drum resembles a Tommy Gun from the late 1920's. The nails in the coil nail gun are loaded much like machine gun bullets. The folded series of nails rest inside the drum, while the framing nail gun has a clip that locks in place.

2. Load Capacity

nail gun

A framing nail gun is typically used much less than a coil nail gun. This translates into a smaller nail reservoir than that of the coil nail gun. Most framing nail guns hold about a clip of 30 nails, though you can purchase expansion clips depending on the model of the nail gun. The coil nail gun can hold well over 100 nails. Some coil nail guns can hold more nails, while others can hold slightly less.

3. Multiple Uses

The coil nail gun wins hands down in this category. A framing nail gun is used almost exclusively in the framing of a home. This is due to the angle that makes up the framing nail gun. It can get you into corners, which make toenailing easier to do. A coil nail gun is not meant specifically for any one type of job. It can be used to do framing with practice. The coil nail gun is used quite a lot in roofing because it holds enough nails to complete a small roof without having to reload the nails. Coil nail guns can be used for practically any job you have to do.

4. Ease of Use

roofing a home with a nail gun

When you have a need for a nail gun, you often want to have one that is easy to use. This means it should have several options and be easy to handle. If the nail gun is awkward in your hand, then it can become a dangerous tool. A coil nail gun is often heavier than a framing nail gun, so that should always be taken into consideration. The only plus side is when you use the coil nail gun, it is usually pointing down, whereas a framing nail gun points down, up, and level, not to mention at angles. The design of the framing nail gun is such that it is easier to hold due to all of the movements you need to make with it. It is possible to find compact versions of either gun.