Coleus Seeds: How and Where to Start

Coleus plants are best in gardens in late spring. Coleus plants can be grown from coleus seeds. Coleus plants are durable and easy to grow. They are technically tender perennials that are considered as annual plants for seed producers. Coleus plants grow in a variety of colors and are known for their foliage forms.

Coleus seeds sown in the month of February produce coleus plants of the right size needed for outdoors. Coleus seeds are larger than those of petunias. Coleus seeds are readily available and are relatively cheaper. These seeds sprout in less than two weeks displaying pretty colors. Each packet of coleus seeds contains diverse colors of plants. You can easily select coleus seeds to have attractive coleus plants.

Coleus seeds can be used to grow coleus plants indoors and outdoors. If you wish to grow coleus as a house plant, all you have to do is to sow the seeds indoors at anytime of the year. On the other hand, growing coleus plants for outdoor locations require starting the seeds indoors at least ten weeks prior the last expected rime. This will help the coleus seeds to develop efficiently before planting them outdoors.

How to Sow Coleus Seeds

The seeds should be sown in a moistened layer of sterile potting soil in a shallow tray because of their smaller size. Cover the seeds with a thin layer of fine soil. After sowing the seeds, if the tray is watered, see to it that the coleus seeds do not get washed away. While growing coleus plants, it is necessary to press the seeds lightly instead of covering them. This helps in good germination of the seeds. The shallow tray needed to grow the coleus seeds should be covered with a plastic sheet or glass pane to retain the moisture until the seeds sprout.

You can easily transplant the seedlings into individual pots once they have grown large enough to be handled easily. It is advisable to handle the seedlings by the leaves and not the stems. Coleus seeds grow very well in a bright and warm place. You can plant the seedlings outdoors once the cold season has passed away.

Coleus Seeds Varieties

Coleus seeds are available in different varieties. Select the seeds of your choice to have a good coleus garden. The coleus mosaic seeds produce extra large leaves and can be grown in both bedding and container gardens. Red coleus seeds are attractive and are best for landscapes and pots. Coleus plants that grow 18 inches to 20 inches tall have pretty large leaves. You can pick rainbow coleus seeds and sow them indoors and outdoors in warm soil. These coleus seed varieties are available in a local nursery. The experts at the nursery would also help you in choosing the right coleus seeds as per your requirements.