Collect, Store and Sow Moss Rose Seeds

The flowers of the portulaca family, called moss rose, thrive in hot areas with low rainfall.  Their seeds are easy to collect and store for planting in spring.

Find and Remove the Seed Capsules

The seed pods, called capsules, grow at the base of the flowers. As seeds form, the capsules will enlarge. When the capsules dry and turn brown, they can be collected. Snip off the seed capsule gently with your fingers or garden shears, above where it joins the stem. If you pull it away from the stem, it may split open, spilling the seeds.

Harvest the Seeds

Holding the seed capsule over a paper towel, squeeze it gently until it splits open, releasing the seeds. Shake the seed capsule lightly to get all the seeds.

Dry and Store the Seeds

Allow the seeds to dry atop the paper towel for 24 hours. Put the seeds in a sealable container, like a plastic bag, envelope or a glass jar. Store the container in a cool, dry place away from light.

Sow the Seeds

Plant the moss rose seeds in sandy soil that is in full sun all day. Cover them thinly and water right away. As with other succulents, water again only when the soil has dried thoroughly.