Collecting Impatiens Seeds

Impatiens seeds can be collected from the flowers after the growing season when the pods develop at the ends of the stems. The best time to collect the seeds is before the pods pop and spill the seeds inside onto the ground. Impatiens are known for their iridescent petals which make them an attractive garden plant worth saving the pods for planting more flowers the following spring season. The flowers come in red, pink, white, and purple.

Collecting Impatiens Pods

If the pods are collected from the plants too soon, they can be allowed to dry for a week before the pod is pinched open to remove the seeds. Gently loosen the pod open with the thumbnail and pull out the seeds. The pod will open in a spiral shape, where the seeds are stored inside. Impatiens seeds are brown and tiny, so this is best done over a plain white paper towel. Remove any of the green pod remains and throw them out.

Storing Impatiens Seeds

Once dried, the seeds can be stored in either a small glass jar with a cover, or a white envelope. Mark the container or envelope with the type of seeds so they can be planted the following spring.