College Dorm Décor: How to Decorate Your Lamp

What You'll Need
A flat, plain white lampshade
Red crpe paper
A stapler

When dealing with college dorm decor, there are certain items that every student absolutely must have: a loud alarm clock, clean bed sheets and a desk lamp. However, given the ubiquity of these items, it is nice to be able to make your gear stand out a little. With a desk lamp, this is a remarkably easy job to do.

Step One - Wrap It Up

The first step is to take the red crêpe paper and to measure out how much you require. To do this, lay the crêpe on the floor and place the lampshade on the paper, laying on its side. Using scissors, cut the paper so it fits along the lamp. Take care to leave about a half-inch/ one centimeter of paper above and below the edges of the lampshade.

Step Two - Stick It On

Once you have measured out the paper, wrap it around the lampshade in a single layer. Using the staple gun, put three staples running down the seam of the layer to hold it together, and then attach the paper to the lampshade with a series of staples along the top and bottom, taking care to staple the extra half-inch of paper underneath as well. This casts a beautiful and intimate light-red lighting through the room. Should you wish for a deeper red, simply attach a few more layer of crêpe to the shade as desired.