Color Matching Bathroom Fixtures

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When remodeling a bathroom, you may run into the problem of matching your bathroom fixtures with the rest of the room. It can sometimes be difficult if you are only replacing certain parts of the bathroom. Some bathroom fixtures, such as vanities, tubs, showers, and toilets, come in different colors that are no longer available.

Check With Retailers

The first place to color match your bathroom fixtures is your local retailer or home center showroom. Check the available colors. Some companies still manufacturer bathroom fixtures in colors that are typically discontinued.

Check Antique Dealers and Salvage Shops

A treasure trove of great bathroom fixtures is waiting at antique dealers and salvage companies. Check for the colors that will match the rest of your bathroom fixtures. Not only might you find the right fixture, but you may also find a great price deal.

Compliment the Colors

Instead of trying to find the exact color match, use a different color that will look good along with the rest of your decor and bathroom fixtures.

Paint Your Fixtures

If you are changing your bathroom fixtures to a white or off-white color, then you can sand your current fixtures and paint them with porcelain paint. Unfortunately, this paint is only available in white.