Color Matching Kitchen Cabinets

Sometimes by just changing your kitchen cabinets, you can drastically change the entire look of your kitchen. Instead of going through the expense of a whole new kitchen, you can save a lot of money by simply changing out your kitchen cabinets or even just the cabinet doors.

However, there is a trick to making the change in your kitchen cabinets a success. Matching the color to the rest of the appliances, tile, and wall coverings in the kitchen.

Theme Determines Color

The colors, or textures, that you use for your kitchen cabinets will greatly depend on the overall theme of your kitchen. For example, if your kitchen has a country look to it, then a plain wood grain finish will match the overall decorations.

Take a Sample with You

Take a sample of your wallpaper, countertop, or even tile, to the home center and begin comparing to the kitchen cabinets they have available. Talk with a kitchen designer about your options and get their professional opinions about what you should choose.

Test with One Cabinet

If you are simply refinishing doors, then test different colors and textures on one door to see how it will look. If you like it you can then change the rest of the kitchen cabinets to match.