Color Matching Tile

Matching tile to the rest of the furnishings, or appliances, in the room you want to replace it can be done with a few simple tips.

Match with Fabric Swatches

Take some fabric samples with you to the tile store and set them up against the tiles to see which ones match, or compliment, the fabric. Since the tile you purchase for your room is a considerable expense, take you time in choosing the right color, or texture. Most designers will recommend that you choose neutral colors for your tile instead of trying to keep pace with the modern trends.

Take Pictures
Take some photographs of the room from every corner, and different angle that will show how your room is set up and all the furnishings, and appliances, that are included. Bring these pictures to the home center with you and lay them out against the tiles.

Take Samples Home

Most home centers will allow you to take a few of their samples to your home to lay down in the area it will be used. Put them in different sections, corners, and around the furniture to see how they look in the actual room. It is one thing to look at them in the store, but another thing all together to see them in the actual environment they will be in.