Colored Grout Sealers

Grout sealers seal and recolor existing grout joints. The sealers provide a smooth and long-lasting finish. Colored grout sealers are available in a wide variety of colors to match your interior and exterior surfaces.


Grout is a porous material that has many tiny holes. This is why it is necessary to seal it since those holes are bound to collect dirt and thus leave your grout joints looking less than appealing. Colored grout sealers add to the appeal of your surfaces by matching their existing color. The sealers are useful when you want to improve the color of your existing grout or to replace a discolored and stained grout.

Appropriate color

The wide array of colors of the grout sealers will require that you be careful when selecting a seal for your surfaces. During application, use your colored grout sealer on a small area first and leave it to dry. This will help you determine whether that is the color you intended to use. Colored grout sealers will leave your grout joints looking naturally appealing and new as opposed to looking painted. The sealers not only leave your grout joints protected from getting dirty and soaking in water, but ensure that they're durable.