Common Causes of Car Dents in Plastic

Car dents seem to be inevitable. Today's cars are more likely to be made with plastic parts, such as sideboards and bumpers. While these cars are less expensive to manufacture, they are more prone to denting. On the bright side, many of these dents are easy to repair. Even so, there are ways to avoid some of the most common causes of dents.

Shopping Carts

Grocery store parking lots seem to be more precarious than ever. Shopping carts left in parking lots, or carelessly pushed around is one of the leading causes of side door dents. To combat this, don't park near cart return areas. If possible, park in a less populated area of the parking lot.


More specifically, children on bicycles. Many dents happen as a child tries to navigate around a parked car on a bike. The handle bars of the bike can stick out just far enough to cause dents to the plastic side panels of a vehicle. This can be avoided by teaching children not to ride their bikes near parked cars in a driveway.

Low Speed Fender Benders

Most bumpers are designed to take a small impact. This doesn't mean the bumper will remain free of damage in the event of a low speed collision. While this can't always be avoided, simply being a safe and cautious driver can help tremendously.