Common Fixes for a Broken Foldable Ladder

The benefit of a having a foldable ladder around the home is that it can be used in different ways to set it up as it is needed. They can be folded to make scaffold, straight, step or extension ladders. They are versatile and durable and can be easily used in the outdoors and indoors depending on the task at hand. Below find some common fixes one can use on folding ladders.

Fix Button Hinges

These components hold a folding ladder together and they support its opening and closing motion. If they are rusted, corroded or damaged, one can replace them using the following steps.

Start by opening up the ladder until it is in an extended position. Place it on the floor and remove the old button hinges. This helps to remove the old locking system. One can use snap ring pliers. Locate snap rings on the palm button and gently pull them out. Follow this up by removing the back up washer.

Locate the old hinge lock mechanism found on the hinge plates and avoid moving the ladder. It helps to keep the openings wide while preparing to insert the new locking mechanism.

While inserting the new locking system, it is important to make sure that the lock pins are lined up with the holes found in the hinge plate. Be sure to line the barrel nipple with the groove in the hole.

Complete the installation by replacing the back up washer followed by the new snap ring. Do not use the old snap ring. Make sure it is secured in the groove by adjusting it using snap ring pliers. Finish up by replacing the palm button assembly, test the ladder and make sure it is firm and secure.

Fix Lock Tab Assemblies

If there are broken, rusted, damaged or worn out lock tabs, these can be replaced to restore the condition of the folding ladder. Locate the damaged piece or pieces. Open up the ladder completely and position it on a flat surface.

Use a hammer and a chisel to remove the rivet head. This should be done carefully to avoid damaging the outer rung and the ladder. Take the rivet and the lock tab assy from the assembly.

Before installing a new piece, make sure that the opening is clean. Take care of the assembly when positioning the new lock tab. Position the lock tab in the hole, and replace other components in the same way that they were removed.

Use rivets that are in good condition to fasten the components. Make sure that fastening around the metal rung is secure and firm before testing and using the folding ladder.

Maintenance Procedures

Inspect a foldable ladder regularly to make sure that it is in good condition. It is advisable to store it in a dry place that has normal room temperature. This helps to preserve the metal components of the ladder. Candle wax can be rubbed on metal sliding sections if they are too stiff. Be sure to put on protective clothing such as gloves when carrying out repairs.