Common Fixes for Metal Bunk Beds

A metal bunk bed may seem like a practical and durable bed choice but be sure to research your choice before you make a purchase. While metal bunk beds are usually cheaper than wooden bunk beds but there are some reasons for concern and some issues that need consideration.

Purchasing the Best Metal Bunk Bed

This type of bunk bed has been recalled on various occasions for a variety of safety reasons. Metal bunk beds have had a tendency to collapse and trap children in between the top and bottom bunks. A child could be come serious injured or worse, if trapped by the railings or the bunks. Before you purchase your metal bunk beds, consult the Consumer Product Safety alerts for this type of bed. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has a website that can provide you with the necessary information for checking mattress and bed support points. When you are shopping in stores speak to a department professional and be sure the bed meets all of the necessary safety regulations.

Metal Bunk Bed Assembly

This type of bed must be assembled and installed properly. Consider having the beds assembled by a professional furniture service person to be sure the bed is as safe as possible. Consider having the metal bunk beds mounted to a wall stud to keep it stabilized. Use a stud finder, some C braces and drywall anchors and the necessary tools to mount the beds.

Metal Bunk Bed Stability

Metal bunk beds are generally less sturdy and stable than wooden bunk beds. This fact can cause the structure to become wobbly. A wobbly frame can be potentially dangerous and can make it difficult for the child to sleep. Inspect the frame for any loose bolts and separating joints on a regular basis. Loose bolts should be tightened and separating joints should be properly repaired immediately.

Common Wear and Tear Issues

The metal on these bunk beds can dent, rust and sometimes bend. Bunk beds can become sometimes become a type of play equipment where children jump on them. This activity can cause denting and bending. A bent metal bunk bed can potentially dangerous and should be removed as soon as possible. Children should be explicitly taught that these beds are for resting and sleeping and that play activity should take place in a proper and safe area.

Alignment Problems

The metal railings may have difficulty being aligned when the beds are being assembled. A metal bunk bed that is incorrectly aligned can become unstable and potentially collapse. The welding on the metal can become weak and require repair. Welded joints that become deteriorated can cause the beds to fall apart causing serious injury to a child and damage to the walls and floor of a room. These joints can be fixed by re-welding them. If you do not have access to welding equipment speak to family and friends or have a professional do the work for you.