Common Mold Problems with Acrylic Bathtubs

Acrylic bathtubs are some of the very common types of bathtubs used today in most homes. Acrylic bathtubs are made from melted and molded acrylic plastic. These types of bathtubs are cheaper than other types of bathtubs made of much more durable material; however, they still serve as good bathtubs in general. The most common problem encountered when using this type of bathtub is molds.

In addition to hard water stains, molds usually grow in unclean acrylic bathtubs. Unlike ceramic, acrylic can get pretty scratched and therefore become susceptible to mold growth. Common mold problems with acrylic bathtubs are indeed annoying, but they are pretty much easy to fix and clean.

Unclean Bathtubs

Remember that molds grow everywhere where there is enough moisture to sustain their growth. Bathrooms and kitchen are some of the most common areas where molds can grow and therefore, without proper cleaning, these molds are not going to get away on their own.

Molds grow in abundance in surfaces that are not exposed to the naked eye. Although people usually clean the surfaces of their bathtubs, most often than not, hidden surfaces are not cleaned properly, therefore causing molds to grow in abundance in those areas. When cleaning, make sure to include all surfaces of the bathtub.

Acrylic bathtubs are also susceptible to hard water stains. These stains, along with the molds make the bathtub look very old and outdated. It is important to maintain the cleanliness of the bathtub in order to inhibit the growth of these nasty microorganisms. One way to clean these molds and stains is to spray the affected areas with vinegar and wipe them with a rag. Vinegar has an acidic quality that not only removes stains, but kills molds as well.

Insufficient Ventilation

Ventilation plays a part in inhibiting the growth of molds in many objects found in moist areas of the home. Make sure that the bathroom has an exhaust fan, or at least an opening that allows fresh air to circulate inside the room. Acrylic bathtubs can be made free from molds when they are installed in a place where they can dry up easily. Understand that moisture plays an important part in mold growth. Taking away the moisture means taking away the only thing that sustains the life and growth of molds.

Protecting the Bathtub from Future Mold Growth

Cleaning the surface areas of acrylic bathtubs regularly is the best way to remove molds buildup; however, a car wax helps in making the bathtub free from mold for a longer period of time and make it look new. Car wax is commonly used to make bathtubs look shiny, but it doubles up as molds protector. Wax repels soap and water from the bathtub's surface, thereby preventing molds from sticking to the surface and thrive. However, make sure not to apply it to the floor of the tub because it may make the floor very slippery. Before coating the walls of the tub with car wax, clean the tub thoroughly first.