Common Places to Purchase Ladybugs

Ladybugs are common in most of the United States. But while these popular garden pest predators are loved by gardeners, they rarely exist in the quantities needed to keep a garden pest-free. So, gardeners must import the pest hungry beetles, usually via a gardening supply or bio-control company.

Who Sells Ladybugs

A ladybug on a flower.

A variety of places sell ladybugs or can order them for you, including gardening centers. Google "buy ladybugs" and you'll find a variety of companies who will ship you ladybugs, larvae, or both. Talk to the company or visit their website prior to ordering to learn about how to order and care for the ladybugs. Use only suppliers who will guarantee the health of their ladybugs and their live arrival.

Things You Should Know When Ordering Ladybugs

A ladybug on a leaf.

If you've never ordered ladybugs, there are some things you should know: order early in the week so your bugs don't sit in the post office over a hot weekend. Tell your carrier you're expecting a shipment of bugs and ask them to leave the package in a cool, shaded place. Prepare a place to keep your ladybugs before they arrive. This may be a terrarium, indoor container or habitat, but it must include water and food for your ladybugs. Learn all you can about these creatures before ordering so you're prepared for their arrival.