Common Problems and Quick Fixes for Garage Door Motors

Garage Door Motors are affordable and convenient appliances that are a must if you frequently drive in and out of the house by yourself.  Your garage door motor coupled with an alarm system can act as a security mechanism for your car. Here are a few common problems that you might face with this appliance with their respective solutions.

Tip 1: Non-responsive Motor Units

The most common problem of all is that the motor unit is not turning on by the use of the remote or is non-responsive. There are a few quick fixes in this regard. Check if the power outlet from the motor unit is firmly connected to the socket. If it is loose then either use insulation tape around it or better still, attach an electrical adapter for a firm connection. Sometimes simply switching the power on and off can help. Always give the motor a rest of at least fifteen minutes before you operate the garage door again. For non responsive motor units, troubleshooting the remote is also very important. Change the batteries within the remote and if this does not work, change the remote itself. The remote control might also have become “deprogrammed” for which you will need to refer to the manual to reset the settings. Furthermore sometimes the “lock” feature might have accidently been activated by you for which read the manual and learn how to unlock it.

Tip 2: Garage Door Opening and Closing Problems

Another common problem is the garage door acting by itself, meaning it opens and closes without a command. To fix this check to see if any of the remote buttons are jammed. The reverse mechanism could also be faulty due to which the door will start opening while closing and closing while opening. For this wipe the electrical eye with a wet cloth and make sure there are no obstructions in front of the eye.

Tip 3: If the Garage Door is Noisy or Gets Stuck during a Motion

If the garage door is making too much noise while opening or closing then spray the chains, screws and belts of your door with silicon based lubricant. This is a problem frequently faced by the users and occurs only due to insufficient maintenance of the hardware. Lubrication will also keep the door from getting stuck from time to time. Check to see if the tracks are well-aligned, the chain is not stuck at a certain point and the bolts are ideally tightened.

Tip 4: The Garage Door Only Opens and Does Not Close

Another common problem is that the garage door does not close after opening. Again, clean the electrical eye since it is responsible for the reverse mechanism. However sometimes the eye gets misaligned in which case you will have to refer to the manual to realign it. This fix is crucial for safety purposes since the reverse mechanism keeps the garage door from closing on a child or a pet.

Tip 5:  Remote Operates the Neighbor’s Door Too

At times your remote might open your and the neighbor’s garage door simultaneously. In this case reset the frequency of your motor unit as the manual instructs.