Common Problems With a Freezer Door

Among the most common problems with a freezer door is its inability to keep all that good cold air sealed safely inside. Before you can fix the problem of a faulty door, you must first determine what is causing it to malfunction.

The Door Won’t Close

First check to see if the door is rubbing up against something that keeps it from closing properly. Examine the hinges to make sure they are free from any debris that inhibits them from working properly. Sometimes a little silicone spray or Vaseline applied to the hinge will create a smoother glide.

The freezer door may not be level from front to back. This could keep the door from operating properly, especially if seated on a broken caster or foot. You may need to replace these to get a proper level so the door swings open and shut correctly. Don’t use a level, as there may need to be a slight pitch, usually forward, to ensure the door opens and closes smoothly.

If the door has magnetic sealing, make sure this feature is free from any material blocking it from working properly. Doors with magnetic sealing are usually weight-engineered so that only a soft push will engage the seal, ensuring a tight close. If faulty, magnetic seals can be replaced following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Loss of Cool

Usually when a freezer loses its cool, it is due to a faulty door gasket. Opening and closing on a daily basis can attract dirt and grime that accumulates in the gasket, causing the door to have leaky areas. This can cause a drop in temperature that will keep the compressor in an On mode, thus reducing the unit’s efficiency. To clean it, use a warm water solution with a dish cloth, removing foreign particles and leading to a proper seal.

Replacing a Door Gasket

A gasket can also wear with time and eventually need to be replaced. If your unit is an old one, make sure you can obtain the proper gasket replacement before removing the old one. Sometimes you have to turn to a third party manufacturer that specializes in old appliance parts.

Once you’ve obtained a new gasket of the appropriate size, soak it in hot water to remove the wrinkles that occurred during shipping and packaging. You can also use a hair dryer to remove wrinkles.

Almost all gaskets contain magnetic strips that help seal the door shut. Be careful not to burn the gasket before installing it on the freezer door.