Compact Toilets for Tiny Condos and Aparments


If you have a tiny condo or apartment, a compact toilet may be just the solution you seek.

Compact Toilets Defined

Compact toilets take into consideration the length of the model’s rough-in, which is the measurement from the finished wall to the center of the toilet drain, located midpoint between the bolts that hold the bowl to the floor. Compact toilets offer different shaped bowls and narrower tanks that shave off extra inches from the space that a toilet takes occupies in a small bathroom.

Round bowls occupy the shortest front-to-back distance. If you are sold on the increasingly popular elongated bowl, there are still ways to minimize its size. Most of these units are wall-mounted, although there are also some stand-alone models. Larger pipes than are normally found in private homes are required to make these work, as the water is not stored but pumped directly from outside the fixture. There are even “comfort height” compact toilets, offering the higher seating designed for easier use by disabled people or senior citizens.