Companion Planting Your Asters

Asters look beautiful by themselves in a garden, but look even nicer when they have other flowers to complement them in the garden. There are a number of other flowers that belong to the aster familly that can be planted with these flowers.


Probably the most common member of the aster family, these grow wild in the woods and meadows as well as in many yards and gardens. They are easily marked by their white petals and yellow centers. They make a beautiful cut flower and can easily be blended with asters.


Also known as echinacea, these have purple or deep pink petals with deep yellow or brown centers. They tend to grow on tall stems. Coneflowers are hardy and are easy to grow in many different types of soil.

Black-eyed Susans

These look just like the coneflowers except they have bright yellow petals and brown centers. Like the coneflowers, the black-eyed Susans are also hardy flowers.


This ubuquitous fall flower brightens up any garden during this season of the year. This plant tends to grow big, so allow them enough room when planted near the asters. Allow 9" to 12" in between the plants.