Compare Kitchen Island Plans

When you start to compare kitchen island plans you will first need to take how much space you have into consideration. An island can be part of any kitchen design, adding greater flexibility to the room. Look at individual plans, comparing them for function as well as looks. The features you want may not be the features you can incorporate in many kitchen island designs.

Search and Compare by Use

Compare plans that allow you to incorporate as many features as your allotted space will allow. Some plans will eliminate one feature due to space requirements, while others may offer it in the same sized island. Make your comparisons starting with the feature you want the most. For example, if a butcher block cutting surface is an important feature, look for plans that include a butcher top. Check to see which plan offers the most cutting surface area per design, if cutting is one of your primary needs.


Granted, looks are important. But make sure you compare wood to wood, steel to steel, etc. Once you’ve picked out several plans based on use, the look should be another personal choice based on taste and one that compliments the kitchen décor.

Sometimes your kitchen may be too small for a permanent island. Try selecting a plan for building a kitchen island cart.