Comparing Door Thresholds

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A door threshold is a piece of wood, metal, or stone that separates two rooms, or the inside space from the outside space. It also serves as part of the door frame to help seal out the elements, such as heat or cold.

Door Thresholds Compared to Interior Thresholds

A door threshold is usually used to help protect a home from the outside elements, while a carpet threshold might serve as a boundary between laminate and carpet. A tile threshold or a linoleum threshold will separate two spaces far less obtrusively than a door threshold.

Different Types Of Door Thresholds

No matter what material a door threshold is made from, it serves the same purpose: to protect the structure beneath the door and to help seal out the outside elements. The most popular door thresholds are made from wood or aluminum. They're pre-manufactured to fit most doors on the market. Some thresholds are customized for a certain building, due to the era in which it was built or to conform to building requirements.

Whether you choose a wood, stone, or aluminum door threshold, all have different benefits and qualities. Research which will fit your door best, as well as the structure of the building you're installing it in. By doing a little research and comparison first, you'll be able to choose the right threshold for your space.