Comparing Rust Block Products

The rust block is a way of protecting your car from rust and other types of corrosion. There are a number of different types of rust block which will enable you to get the best from your car. You may be considering adding a rust block to your car to prevent corrosion, but unsure which of the many products on sale are the best for your needs. Most rust blocks come in sprays, and you can simply put them onto the surface of the car without needing to perform a lot of complicated operations.


This product is available as a spray-on rust preventative, stopping corrosion in all types of vehicles. The RustBlock product is lubricating and penetrating, designed to create a kind of shield over the metal which stops moisture from corroding the metal. As well as being a rust blocker, this product also lubricates, meaning that it can be sprayed onto moving parts such as hinges and locks, and will keep them loose, while still preventing corrosion in crevice areas.

Bullfrog Rust Block

The company Bullfrog make a number of rust blockers which can be used on vehicles, such as the named Rust Blocker product. These are often available in singles for around $11, and you can also purchase 12 packs for $130. They also make a number of cleaning products for guns and rifles which work in the same way as the rust blocker.


Evapo-Rust have a liquid which will help you to remove rust from items such as cars, and then forms a protective film over the item being sprayed. The rust block from this manufacturer is not as effective as some of the other makes, and it may wash off with repeated exposure to rain, meaning that you will have to repeatedly apply the blocks in order to preserve the rust-proofing. The Evapo-rust rust block is an inhibiting spray which stops the rust from developing on the metal of your car, keeping it looking good for longer.

Organic Rust Block

With everyone feeling concerned by environmental issues, it should come as no surprise that there have been a number of organic and environmentally friendly rust block products produced, such as the Rusterizer. Most basic organic rust blocks encourage the user to consider waxing the car at the end of autumn, and keeping the car as dry and clean as possible, giving the organic rust block the best opportunity to maintain a rust-free car.

A product such as the No-OX-ID, which needs very little preparation, produces only environmentally friendly by-products, and also needs no drying time, which makes it perfect for applying to a car. The product has been used a number of times on larger products, even defending chemical plants and other kinds of manufacturing area. Whether you want to apply this product to the car surface, or need to rust-proof part of the house, the No-OX-ID product can be applied to any wet or dry metal surface.