Comparing Trellis Plants

For any green-thumbed homeowner, trellis plants and arbor plants are special simply because of the natural scents and colors with which they adorn the entire compound. There are a number of different types of trellis plants which have differing characteristics to suit the purpose. Below is helpful information about these plant types.

Fast-Growing Trellis Plants

This type of trellis plants mature and cover your trellis structure in a very short period of time. Among the most popular plants in this category are the English Ivy and Purple Flowering Wisteria. The former has dark green shiny leaves and grows in the form of a vine (up to 9 feet in height) but can also be grown as groundcover. Additionally, it requires very low maintenance.

The Purple Flowering Wisteria is a beautiful fast-grower that can reach up to 30 feet and in the process be quite heavy on your trellis structure. It has really attractive purple flowers that open in dense groupings.

Trellis Climbing Plants

Climbing plants can be conveniently used to naturally conceal aspects of your outdoors that you consider unsightly. People have used them to cover garage walls, electrical meters, and so on. The main advantage is that you will also savor the fragrances and colors that they’ll introduce to the compound. Some of the common climbing plants include Honeysuckle, Creeping Phlox, Clematis, Morning Glory, Ivy, and Periwinkle. They will grow well regardless of whether you have a deck trellis or an outdoor trellis.

Annual Trellis Plants

As the name suggests, these plants are yearly in nature. They normally grow fastest in spring time but die in the autumn frost. Canary Creepers are some of the easiest vines to grow not to mention their eye-catching attractiveness. As a trellis plant, the Canary Creeper will reach a height of 10 feet and will produce flowers that have red, yellow, and orange tones.

The Hyacinth Bean is another favorite that you can easily grow. With a good trellis support your climber can reach a possible 20 feet. At their peak these plants produce fragrant flowers that can be pink, white, or purple. They also produce bean pods that can be fed to cattle.

Fragrant Trellis Plants

Fragrant plants are a huge favorite among homeowners and you really have quite a range to select from. Their appeal is not only in their captivating fragrances but also in their beautiful blossoms. Some of these plants are simple to grow but some can be quite demanding. As a trellis plant, the White Jasmine can grow to a height of 15 feet. Some of the other options you have here include Honeysuckle, Climbing Roses, Wisteria, and Sweet Peas.

Fruit-Producing Trellis Plants

Apart from fragrances and colors you can also enjoy fresh fruit right in your outdoors courtesy of a variety of trellis plants. In this category you can go for Seedless Mars, Seedless Himrod, or even Seedless Reliance. These are all seedless grape varieties that are capable of growing beneath summer skies thus keeping you in the shade as well as enriching your taste buds.