Comparing Types Of Portable Scaffolding

There are two main types of portable scaffolding, the Mason Scaffold and the Baker Scaffold.

The Mason Scaffold

A Mason Scaffold is bulky and may not be considered portable unless you have a large sports utility vehicle. It has larger, more numerous pieces than the Baker scaffold and is not nearly as mobile once assembled. It is most commonly used for jobs above 12 to 15 feet where the worker will remain in the same place for a longer amount of time. On the Mason Scaffold assembling the wheels to the runners on the outside of the scaffold can be difficult if you're trying to do it alone. Storing the Mason Scaffold will become a space issue if one does not have ample room. 

The Baker Scaffold

The Baker Scaffold is ideal for do-it-yourself tasks around the house. It is light, consists of only five pieces, and is extremely portable both before and after assembly. The wheels of a Baker Scaffold are attached to the ladder planks at either end.

Assembling of the Baker Scaffold can be done easily in a matter of minutes, and disassembling it when done takes about the same. Simply insert the two braces into the two stabilizing ladder pieces at either end and drop the plank right on top. The Baker Scaffold, once disassembled, can fit easily into a garage or even a large closet.