Complete Murder Mystery Dinner Kits

Complete murder mystery dinner kits are perfect for a family dinner party, a night out with friends or any other dinner occasion that calls for good entertainment. If you are planning on hosting a mystery dinner, there is nothing better than getting a complete set that can entertain and amuse dinner guests. They come in boxed set or downloadable in PDF form.

The Murder Mystery Kit

The kit includes a story line about a murder incident that happens before dinner or during dinner. The story contains a certain number of characters that participants play the role of. There is a limit to the number of participants, but the kit has stories that are suited for different numbers of people. The key to creating a good murder mystery dinner event is to have the participants dress up in outrageous costumes and have them play their part very well. Complete kits should have interesting story lines and entertaining plots to make the guest well-entertained.

Contents of the Kit

The contents of each kit vary, but here are some of the usual contents you should expect:

  • Game Instructions
  • Murder Mystery Scripts (for scripted kits)
  • Character Background
  • Costume Instructions
  • Clues and Evidences
  • Confidential Booklets (for the host and the murderer)
  • Solutions to the Game
  • Certificates for Winners
  • Dinner Recipes

Scripted vs Unscripted Kits

Most mystery dinner kits have stories that are unscripted. Although scripted kits provide good quality entertainment for people who do not know how to act well, unscripted kits can open up the creativity of participants. As long as they can play their part well enough and understand their persona in-depth, having an unscripted activity provides better fun than having scripted ones. 

Companion Kits and Other Accessories

To make the setting more believable, prepare other accessories such as costumes, decorations that go with the theme, sound effects and make-up. It may cost extra to provide all these, but it makes the murder scene a lot more realistic and fun. Some physical kits provide some of the accessories, but the rest have to be purchased separately. Purchase some sheriff badges, play money, costumes, and other necessary accessories. The costumes, make up, theme decorations, and sound effects can be provided by other participants as long as they are willing to do so. The sound effects are important because they make the role-playing activity more intense (e.g. gunshots, screams, horror music, etc).

Awards to Performers or Players

As host for the event, make sure to award certificates or prizes for winners. The prizes can be anything worth of value to the guests. The awards can vary, but do consider these:

Best Actor – For the participant with the best acting performance

Best Dressed – For the participant with the best matching costume

Mystery Solver – For the person who cleverly solved the mystery murder

Best Entertainer – For the most entertaining performance among the group

Best Solution – If there are various mystery solvers, this award can be given to the best solution