Composite Deck Cleaner? Never Been So Easy

Composite material decks are easy to maintain, if you use a composite deck cleaner especially designed to work on this cost effective material.

Sweeping the Deck

Before you begin cleaning any stains from your composite deck, you will have to sweep away dirt and debris. The deck can be swept off to remove the branches and leaves that may have collected on your deck and then you can rinse it with water.
Using a Composite Deck Cleaner

To remove any stains that might be on your deck, use citric acid based composite deck cleaner. These are the best types of cleaners to remove rust, leaves, and other stains that have collected on your deck.

Use care to make sure that the composite deck cleaner you are using does not have a chance to dry on the surface of the deck. Cleaning small sections at a time will prevent any drying. Rinse the cleaner off of the deck as soon as you finish each small section.  Work your way across the entire deck.