Composite Garage Doors: Staining And Finishing Tips

stained garage door

Composite garage doors have it all when it comes to design, style, and function. However, when it comes to the staining and finishing of these doors, there are a few things to know and consider.

Stain Absorption Tips

Composites will absorb stain much like natural wood, but they lack the beauty and character offered by natural wood grain. Some composite products offer a faux grain surface which is nice, and with proper application of the finish, can look outstanding. Consider the following tips to test the stain absorption on your door:

Tip #1- First test the material with a bit of stain in an area not readily seen, where you can practice applications; perhaps the side edge, or back of the door. Remember the foundation color of the composite may change the color of the stain. In that event, you may want to consider sealing the composite with a stain sealer to ensure the stain maintains it's color integrity.

Tip #2- Another idea is to prime the composite with an opaque exterior latex paint, allowing you to add textural and visual grain effects with your brush. Then apply the stain to the primed surface for an aged, antique look.

Finishing Ideas

Whatever stain application you prefer, be sure to apply a durable exterior U.V. resistant top coat to finish your door. There are a variety of clear-coat latex products available which will protect your door and sustain your finish well in harsh outdoor conditions. Oil-based varnish is a traditional option, but only the finest quality varnish will last any reasonable time when exposed to harsh weather.

Talk to your supplier about the stain choices available for your composite door. Consider the best way to apply the stain to avoid lap marks and discuss what environmentally-safe options you have in selecting a stain or finishing product.