Concrete Apron

A concrete apron is the part of a driveway that makes the transition to the garage or roadway smoother. It also helps divert water away from a building instead of towards it. Many people wonder whether to use a concrete apron or an asphalt apron. There are many factors that you may not be aware of that will help you reach your decision.

  • Some areas have laws on what kind of driveway and driveway apron you can have, so be sure to check in on those before starting your projects.
  • If you have large trucks or expect large vehicles to turn around in your driveway, you will want to use a concrete apron because asphalt ones can crack if they are put under pressure too early.
  • Most people prefer to have their driveway apron made from the same material as the rest of the driveway so it looks nicer, but it is not necessary.
  • Concrete is stronger than most types of asphalt, but it is also more expensive and takes longer to install.

Concrete Apron Alternatives

If you are looking for something more decorative than a plain concrete apron, you can also try using bricks or cobblestones. Although more expensive, they are more eye pleasing than a concrete apron.