Advice on Concrete Block Egress Window Wells


There are several factors to take into account when one is thinking about installing egress window wells. One of the main factors is the intended purpose of the window area that is being built. It may be to provide light to a basement that is completely under ground level, or to create a secondary route of escape from the home in case of emergency. In all cases, there are things you should know about the effects of adding egress window wells to your home so that you can avoid issues down the road as well as costly repairs or maintenance.

Added Protection Against Insects

If you are installing egress window wells to your home, be aware that they will create a pit for insects and other outdoor creatures. Bugs that get stuck in these types of areas can cause severe damages to your home. They may even deteriorate the wall system over time if proper precautions are not taken. Install and weather seal egress covers to keep weather and pests out of the window hole.

Allowing Sub Ground Light Sources

If you are installing your egress window wells to provide light to an otherwise dark basement area, build your walls with lighter colored blocks to refract the light in the hole. Know that the density of this light will change at varying parts of the day. Under direct sunlight, these windows can increase the temperatures in your home if they are not properly sealed. Install double pane window system in these areas to reduce heat transfers from the outside wall areas.

Water Runoff and Buildups

Many people forget is weather and rain drain-off when installing egress window wells. Have a plan for runoff so that water does not flood your basement windows. Another way to prevent flooding is to install a Plexiglas cap or cover over your egress wall area, which will drain the rainwater away from the area. These will also magnify the inside temperatures when exposed to direct like trapped hot air in a greenhouse. Install hot air vents in your caps to allow the heat buildup to escape.

Secondary Covers

Secondary covers are sometimes mounted over your egress window wells to keep out weather and stray wildlife. They can be purchased in any numbers of designs and sizes for your needs. Tinted covers reduce heat, but they also reduce light to your basement windows. If you choose a clear cover, you can use the walled area as a basement greenhouse for house plants to prevent preventing bug from getting to your plants.