Concrete Coring Basics Explained

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Concrete coring is the process of drilling or cutting through concrete floors, walls, and ceilings. The process is used for more complicated tasks like coring concrete pile caps to removing unwanted concrete from a property. Concrete coring is also a term used to define the process of creating a concrete center of a building. Here's a quick look at both types of concrete coring basics.

Concrete Coring as a Drilling Process

Most do-it-yourselfer will only ever need to drill a small hole into concrete to hang a picture or secure the base of a closet door. Concrete coring as a drilling process doesn't refer to small jobs like this. For small jobs like this, you can easily do it yourself with a hammer drill and appropriate concrete bit. Both are available at any home hardware store.

One of the most common uses for concrete coring is to create holes in pile foundations most often placed under buildings to transfer the weight of the structure to deeper below the surface of the ground. By transferring the structure's weight deeper, there's less chance of the building shifting. This is especially useful in climates with severe cold weather, significant weather fluctuations, or frequent flooding. Piles can be made out of steel, wood or concrete. All are jacked or driven into the ground and connected to pile caps. When the piles are concrete, the process of concrete coring is used to create a hole to connect the pile caps to the piles.

Core drilling is done by companies contracted to test the strength of solid concrete in a tower. A dam, for example, may hire a company to drill through the center of concrete walls to extract a sample to test the strength of the concrete.

A homeowner may need to use a company supplied concrete coring as a drilling process service for furnace drilling.

Concrete Coring as a Concrete Removal Process

Concrete coring is sometimes loosely used as a term to describe professional concrete removal. When large amounts of concrete removal are requiring, there are companies that offer this service with promises of efficient removal. The biggest benefit of contracting a company to remove larger amounts of concrete is that they can remove the concrete with minimal dust, something that's impossible to do with a jackhammer. Concrete coring by companies involves breaking, cutting, or sawing concrete and disposing of the pieces

Concrete Coring as Building Term

Concrete coring is the term that is sometimes used to describe the creation of a solid concrete building center. These can be used as security safes, safe rooms, or elevator shafts. Concrete cores in buildings can also provide a solid structure to build the remainder of the building. The World Trade Center towers in the United States had a concrete core to help with the building's structure because of the height of the towers. The centers had cast concrete interior tubes that were surrounded by a framework of structural steel. Inside the concrete core, often referred to as the cores, were the hallways.