Concrete Countertops and Curing Time

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Concrete countertops can provide you with a very durable surface on which to work in the kitchen. They are also very contemporary and can be made into many different types of looks. When making a concrete countertop, you need to make sure that you allow it to cure for the appropriate amount of time. Otherwise, the countertop could be damaged when you start working with it.

In the Mold

To form a concrete countertop, you will need to pour the concrete in a mold that will give the material its basic shape. Once you pour the concrete, you need to give it approximately 4 days to cure.

Out of the Mold

After 4 days have passed, you can then remove the mold from the outside of the concrete. Once you remove it, you still should avoid using the concrete. Most experts would recommend allowing another 2 or 3 days for the concrete to cure once you separate it from the mold.


You will most likely want to seal the concrete before using it. When you do this, make sure that you have allowed it to completely dry out before starting. Wait until a full 7 or 8 days have passed before sealing.