Concrete Driveway Sealing: Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

The process of concrete driveway sealing is something that can be done by anyone. It can prevent cracks, chips, and stains in the concrete and keep your driveway looking good. If you plan on doing this job yourself, here are a few tips and mistakes to avoid.


Clean the concrete first

One of the most important things to remember when sealing your concrete is that you need to make sure that it is thoroughly clean before you do anything. Get a scrub brush and concrete cleaner to remove any dirt and oils from the surface. This will ensure that your concrete floor looks good once it is sealed. Anything left on the concrete will be sealed underneath the sealer. If you do not remove all the oils, the sealer might not adhere as well to the concrete driveway. Once you clean the concrete, allow it plenty of time to dry before going forward.

Choose a nice, sunny day

Another very important tip is to consider the weather. You want to make sure that the weather forecast calls for sun and warmth for the next few days. While the weather is unpredictable, you should at least do your best to avoid problems. You should not do the sealing unless the temperature outside is above 60 degrees. Having the sun out will also help to dry the sealant quicker after you are done applying it.

Test first

Before you start applying the sealer to the entire area, you should conduct a small test first. Go to an inconspicuous area of the concrete and apply a small portion of sealer to it. See how it looks and if you like it, then move forward. If you do not like how it turned out, you may need to think about getting a different sealer.

Mistakes to Avoid

Not protecting yourself

During this process, you need to make sure and protect yourself at all times. Concrete sealers have some harsh chemicals in them that require you to take special precautions when working with them. You need to make sure and wear protective gear at all times. Wear goggles, gloves, and protective clothing when working with the sealer. Make sure not to breath the fumes in as best as you can.

Not reapplying

Concrete sealer is not designed to be a permanent product. When you use concrete sealer, you should understand that you will need to reapply it periodically. In most cases, you will need to reapply the sealer every two to three years for best results. If you apply it once and then forget about it, you could run into problems with your driveway in the future.

Choosing the wrong sealer

Some sealers are penetrating and soak up into the concrete. These types of sealers will not have a glossy finish. Another type of sealer forms a protective barrier over the concrete and provides you with a glossy finish. Therefore, you need to decide in advance whether you want a glossy or dull finish. Many people just buy a sealer and apply it, then are unhappy with the results.