Concrete Floor Covering Options

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Concrete floors are highly popular, mainly because they're among the most durable, attractive, and cost-effective flooring options. Not only are concrete flooring elements fairly easy to install, but they also make a stable base for a wide variety of design and style choices.

Stamped Concrete

One of the most popular decorative approaches, stamped floors feature rigid patterns that are imprinted into the surface. The stamped floor can be created to resemble tiles, cobblestones, flagstones, bricks, slate, marble, or any other desired surface. You can even get a natural, wood-look by using planks of real hardwood as your stamps.

Stenciled Concrete

Large paper stencils are laid over freshly cast concrete for this approach, cut according to a desired style or pattern. The stencil is allowed a few hours to set into the concrete. Once the concrete has dried well, the stencil is removed to reveal the outcome. Stenciled concrete gives homeowners the option of achieving various decorative looks with minimal effort.

Scored Concrete

Shallow cuts in a wet concrete surface while it is still wet can create cool, eye-catching designs. The scoring technique can be used to achieve a tiled floor look on a concrete floor, or you can go more artistic and create full representational shapes.

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Stained Concrete

Concrete floors can be stained to achieve the look of natural stone. This is done by applying acrylic or acid stain to the floor surface when wet. The chemicals in the acid react with salt compounds in the concrete to produce a mottled look that resembles stone. The floor surface will bear some darker areas just like stone.

Tiled Concrete

Concrete tiles are installed like most other tile varieties. However, concrete tiles are much heavier than other tiles. Concrete tiles offer more versatility than other types. They’re available in a greater variety of shapes and sizes than the usual standard squares. You’ll enjoy more flexibility with concrete tiles should you opt to incorporate embeds, imprints, or sculptured designs.

Concrete with Polymer Coating

A polymer coating may be poured over a preexisting concrete floor. It is a great way of rehabilitating an old or worn-out concrete floor. The advantage of using a polymer coating on a concrete floor is that chips and cracks will be filled in. Different colors and patterns can be created with a polymer coating. Flakes can also be added to a polymer coating for a decorative effect.

Polished Concrete

A concrete floor can be polished to resemble the finest marble. A high powered polishing machine is used to polish the concrete floor to an extremely smooth and glass-like finish. Polished concrete floors are available in various colors. The surface can also be grooved so that it appears to be composed of individual slabs of marble.