Concrete Garage Floor Paint Kits

Now available in a convenient kit, concrete garage floor paint can be an asset to your garage floor or carport floor. These kits can be as simple or as complex as you choose. You can simply paint the floor and leave it or decorate it to the maximum.

Epoxy Paint Kits

The longest lasting and most durable, epoxy paints come in kits with a couple of different colors. You will have a cleaning solution to clean the floor, two-part epoxy paint, stir sticks and instructions. Some even come with a video to demonstrate how to mix together the epoxy and apply. These produce a semi-gloss finish.

Epoxy Paint Kit with Decorative Chips

These go a step further in the decoration of the floor. They also have the epoxy paint in 2 parts, stir stick, floor cleaner and instructions. In addition, they have a container of decorative chips that not only look nice on the floor, but will help keep you from slipping if the floor is wet. This type of kit is usually a little more expensive than just the plain paint.

Clear Coat Finish

If you want a showroom floor finish on your garage floor, try one of these kits after your floor has cured for a few days. This is simply another two-part epoxy that is clear and high gloss. It will add long life of the paint and give your floor shine. You can use this alone or over an existing paint. It comes with the paint, stir stick, instructions and an anti-skid additive.