Concrete Garage Floor Resurfacing: 4 Tips

Garage floor resurfacing becomes necessary when the existing flooring begins to look old or becomes damaged.  You can complete this task yourself, with right tools and materials.

1 - Safety

Be sure to put on your protective eyewear, respirator, work gloves and work boots before you begin. Be careful working with power tools. Always store them in a safe place when you are finished.

2 - Grinding the Floor

You can rent a concrete grinder from your local home center. Use a 1300 grit grinding disk. Begin in 1 corner, and slowly grind the concrete in straight lines. Once the entire floor is done, install an 1800 grit grinding disk, and grind the entire floor again. Grind the floor a third time with a 3200 grinding disk. Remove any dust and debris with a broom or a shop vac. 

3 - Applying the Adhesive

Use a paint roller to apply your concrete adhesive to the floor in long, straight strokes. Work in small areas. Continue until the floor is finished. Allow the adhesive about 15 minutes to set.

4 - Applying the Concrete

Mix the concrete according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Use a trowel to apply a thin, even layer of the concrete over the adhesive. Work in small areas. Continue until the entire floor is covered. Allow the resurfaced floor about a week to cure completely, before you use it.