Concrete Garage Repair Tips

There are few concrete garage repair tips that will keep your garage concrete floor safe and looking great.

Tip 1 – Use Different Methods for Different Cracks
For smaller cracks, use a Portland cement and water mixture. For medium cracks use regular concrete. For larger cracks, use a gravel mixture that can withstand more pressure.

Tip 2 – Prep the Area
While your concrete floor might seem to be a hardened substance, it can be softened with enough water. Before you begin your patch, wet the area for a while. Dampen the area for a few minutes with water before adding the newer concrete. For older areas, spray the area for 20 to 30 minutes.

Tip 3 – Be Ready to Make it Worse
Very deep gouges and wide holes need to be cut into even holes so that concrete can dry more evenly. With a small sharp tool (a chisel and hammer will do), widen the hole and brush excess debris away from your working area.

Tip 4 – Mix Concrete Appropriately
Concrete that is too watery will not hold up under the pressures required of a garage floor. Alternately, thick concrete is hard to pour and might dry unevenly. Be sure to mix concrete according to the directions specified on the label.