Concrete Pool Deck Repair

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What You'll Need
Small bag of concrete (colored to match your pool deck)
Spackling knife
Epoxy concrete sealant
Hot, soapy water
Scrub brush
Cup of water

Concrete pool decks can sometimes crack and warp under certain weather conditions, especially if the concrete is above the frost line. Even worse, if the cracks get water in them and that water freezes, it forces the cracks to widen. If left unrepaired for long enough, you might even have to redo your entire pool deck. It’s important to catch these cracks quickly to stop this from happening and to keep your pool deck looking new. To repair cracks in your pool deck, you will have to patch and epoxy it. Use these simple steps to get it done quickly.

Clean the Crack

The first thing you should do is inspect and clean the crack you have to repair. Start by using hot, soapy water and a scrub brush to de-grease and lift dirt out of the crack. If you try repairing a crack filled with dirt or debris, your cement might not properly stick. Scrub it well, rinse, and let it dry.

Lay Cement

The concrete should be mixed in small batches so that nothing hardens before you’re ready to apply it. Mix it up and start to lay it down on the crack, just like you would with spackling compound, and scrape excess away while simultaneously filling the crack with the new cement. Try to fill it as much as you can—the more you add, the better. This is because, as the concrete dries, it will shrink by about 15 percent. Once you have it even over the crack and it’s completely patched, it’s time to work on your epoxy sealant.

Use Epoxy

An epoxy sealant is like a glue and a sealant in one product. After your cement patch dries, you can apply the epoxy sealant. Pour a dollop onto your patch and use a paintbrush to spread it around. Use the bristles of the brush to fill in any of the tiny cracks between your patch and the original concrete; doing so will seal up the patch so that it’s waterproof.

Now, walk away and allow the epoxy sealant to dry thoroughly before proceeding to the next step.


After letting it dry, it’s time to test the seal. This can take a few tries, but it’s an easy test to do. Get some pool water or a glass of water and pour it on the dry patch. If the water sits there on the patch, you’ve successfully sealed your crack. However, if the water tries to run into a crack or into your epoxy seal, you should apply more epoxy (after you get rid of the water).

Repairing your concrete pool deck, just like repairing pool deck tiles, is easy and only requires patience to fix it quickly and thoroughly.