Concrete Porch Construction: 4 Tips

In attempting a porch construction project, you should follow proven procedures to make sure your porch will be safe, sturdy and will last for years without deteriorating.

Tip 1 – Level Your Surface before Pouring Concrete

Level the soil before you begin pouring concrete, by removing or adding soil. Remove all debris from the area, such as tree roots, shrubs, rocks and nests of birds or rodents. Add gravel to your base, and tamp it to make it more solid.

Tip 2 – Make a Solid Concrete Form

Be sure, when you nail your form together, that it is nailed securely. Loose form boards can separate from the weight of wet concrete that is poured into the form.

Tip 3 – Keep Concrete from Prematurely Hardening

In pouring your concrete into the form, spread it quickly as it is being poured. Keeping the wet concrete moving until it is evenly spread will keep it from becoming set sooner than you'd like.

Tip 4- Removing Your Form

Wait until you know your concrete has completely set before removing the form. Removing the form too soon can break fresh concrete. As you remove the frame, avoid hitting it to remove nails or to separate the sections.