Concrete Resurfacing Materials

Concrete resurfacing is used to repair or raise the level of a concrete driveway, floor or other area. It is most often done to fix holes or cracks or if the area is falling apart for some other reason. You can do this job yourself, provided you know the steps and material required for the job. There are several different types of concrete materials you can use. Here is a listing of the best and most popular materials you can use for concrete resurfacing.

Micro Topping and Thin Resurfacing

For resurfacing jobs, when the area is still in good shape, but you want to spruce it up, then micro topping or thin resurfacing is a good choice. There are three kinds of this type of concrete resurfacing material: coarse texture, fine texture and polymer additive.

Coarse textured concrete is made of cement, coarse aggregate and additional chemicals. It has a sandpaper-like texture once it has been laid down. Fine textured concrete is made of cement, fine aggregate and additional chemicals. It leaves a smooth and polished look when laid down.

Stamp Overlay Resurfacing Material

This type of concrete resurfacing is best if you want to put down something that looks like a rock or stone coating. Stamped overlay concrete resurfacing materials are imprinted so the finished product resembles natural stone patterns and textures. They are available in many different colors, textures and patterns. These are also good if you are trying to add a higher level of surfacing to your driveway or floor.

Self-Leveling Concrete Overlay Materials

This type of concrete resurfacing material is best when your driveway or other surface area has a lot of damage from holes, chips, cracks or other issues. These self leveling concrete overlay materials also come in additional colors and treatments. This makes them very desirable because it gives you a lot of choice in terms of what the final look will be. The end product gives a very professional looking smooth surface and can be made to look like natural stone, marble, or other surfaces. It also can be created in many different colors and textures.

Pre-Mixed Overlay Materials

Pre-mixed overlays are concrete resurfacing materials that come dry and all you have to do is mix it with water to use it. All the extra ingredients are already contained in the dry mix. These include ingredients such as micro-silica (used to give it more abrasive resistance), ingredients to help it dry faster, ingredients to make it cure faster, and other ingredients such as sand and cement. Pre-mixed overlay materials make it much easier for the consumer to use and save time. They are also cheaper and more versatile than some other products.

All in all, whichever type of concrete resurfacing material you choose, they all help to repair your concrete surface and help to give it a new and improved look.