Concrete Sealer Ingredients that Are Safe for Children and Pets

Using a good concrete sealer will help keep moisture from seeping into the concrete and forming cracks. Concrete sealers can be used for driveways, walls, basements, and even concrete patios. It form a waterproof barrier as it penetrates into the porous material. Some concrete sealer has been known to be quite toxic to pets and children, not from ingesting it, but from the fumes and through absorption into the skin. Here are a few ingredients that you should look for to show a concrete sealer is safe.

Non VOC Chemicals

The Volatile Organic Compounds, or the VOCs, that are included in many sealers are the chemicals that are diffused into the air. They are also absorbed through skin. Whenever an animal sleeps on a surface with VOC's in it, they can get sick. Likewise, a baby crawling on a surface with these compounds can also be affected by them. 

Wax Based Sealant

A sealant that is based on a wax will not be harmful to either pets or children. Many of these wax based compounds are derived from natural ingredients and do not contain any of the harmful VOC's like formaldehyde or ammonia. Look at the ingredients of the concrete sealer to determine if it is wax based or not.