Concrete Stain Remover

Concrete stain remover can eliminate the stains from your concrete porch, sidewalk, and patio. Concrete is a very durable building material, but it is also susceptible to stains. Painting and or sealing your concrete is the best way to prevent stains, but when they do appear, a good concrete stain remover can help.

Common Culprits Requiring Concrete Stain Remover

There are many things that can stain your concrete. One of nature’s best stains is tree sap, nut husks, and leaves. In many garages and driveways, oil and grease is the main reason for concrete stain remover products.

What to use for Concrete Stain Remover Products

Every stain is different and creates its own challenge. You may have to clean the area several times before seeing the results you want. Below are some examples of what to use to create the concrete stain remover.

• Laundry or Dishwashing Detergents: Using the dry detergent, sprinkle over the stained area, and let stand for several minutes then scrub with hot water.

• Bleach: Use the directions for diluting, pour on stain, and allow to stand for several minutes to penetrate the stain then scrub with hot water.

• Tri Sodium Phosphate: Dilute one cup to one gallon of hot water. Pour over the stain and allow to stand for 15 to 20 minutes. Scrub, rinse, and repeat if needed.
All three of the above methods are great for concrete stain remover.