Conserve Energy - Solar Charge Your Car Battery

Problems with the environment are becoming much more of an issue, so many people are turning to solar power to charge their car battery. To understand the reasons for wanting to use a solar charger for your car battery, you will first need to understand the basic functions of the car battery. Car batteries all work by storing energy that is then used to run your vehicle's electronics and start your car. The car battery is an essential component in your car and without it, your car would not function correctly

Source of Electricity

Most of the electricity in the world is produced by burning fossil fuels-mainly coal. This will in turn create heat, which is used to boil water and turn turbines to generate electricity. This isn't an environmentally friendly form of electricity production because fossil fuels are polluting and also in short supply.

Renewable sources of energy have been available for a very long time. Wood is one example of a renewable resource because it can be replanted and grown again. One of the most popular environmentally friendly solutions to our power problems is the use of solar electricity. Solar panels can be fitted to homes to produce electricity and they can also be used in our cars.

Car Batteries

Car batteries are designed to be charged up when your engine is running. This is a useful system if you do a lot of long trips and use your car on a regular basis. However if you car battery is flat then this will mean that your car simply won't start.

If the battery is flat then you will either need to get a jump start from another battery, or charge your battery. Charging your battery is time consuming and also uses a lot of electricity. It will be much easier if you use a solar panel to top up your cars battery and keep it full of electricity all of the time.

Solar Powered Car Battery Chargers

Car battery chargers can be connected to the car battery to charge it and many of these can actually be connected to the cigarette lighter socket in your car. This means that they can be fitted and removed in a matter of minutes. These modern solar car chargers also have a built in volt meter which will ensure that your battery is never over charged.

Solar powered car battery chargers will help to keep your car battery in good condition which is good for the environment. Producing and disposing of car batteries is damaging to the environment due to the heavy metals and other chemicals used. Producing a car battery requires a lot of energy and by keeping yours working for longer you are protecting the environment.

Solar chargers are better for the environment than using fossil fuels but won't make your car any less polluting. Solar powered cars are not currently available because the number of panels required makes them far too expensive. Using a solar battery charger is a way to reduce your impact on the environment while you are waiting for solar cars to become a reality.